More Junior Books

Last Tuesday I got to do one of my favourite authory things, I got to present the junior writers I’d been working with before the holidays with the books they’d written. I do this quite a bit and I love it. In this case we’d met once a week over a month and a half, […]

Glass Dice. And Hats.

As I wrote in my previous post (which you can read in full here) I did some work at Huddersfield University with the omni-brilliant First Story, and the brilliant writers from the Appleton Academy, last week. And here’s one of the pieces. It’s called Changing Horizons and it’s written by Henna Ravjibhai  and I’m sure you’ll agree […]


The holidays seem a long time ago now, don’t they? It’s been full steam ahead this year with loads going on and loads of exciting things lined up (more on that, closer to the time). I’ve been writing again, which is good. And stuff I’m pleased with, which is better. It’s been nice to have […]

Snow Likes Trees

A very quick post today as I was supposed to be somewhere else at least a few hours ago. Really, really thrilled with what the amazing Rachel Fenton (her work is wonderful do check it out) had to say about Beautiful Trees in her review (read it in full here). Here’s an extract: “But nothing […]

60 – 100%

I read an article a little while ago (and can’t for the life of me find) on how to work efficiently and, most of it, I really liked. There were interesting bits in there on how, if we’re ill, we should actually take the day off because, according to research, it’ll make us far, far […]

Back To It, Then

So, I’ve holidayed and new yearsed and slept (a full twelve hours last night, followed by a too-much-sleep migraine on a train – told you I was tired), and now I’m back at my desk. But the holidays were good. I saw family, and I saw my, very ace, nephew and nieces and we did jigsaws […]

A Different Tree

Happy new year. I hope yours was good. I watched Casablanca again before watching fireworks through attic windows and that was about it for me. I’m just pleased I got a little time away from the desk to rest up a little. But it’s quickly over and I’ve been at the desk all day today. […]