Black Friday Offer

This Black Friday thing seems to be trendy these days so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, if only a little (I’ll be staying way out of the way of any shops, don’t you worry about that). So here’s a special offer. It will last today ONLY. (And, all you have to do is click […]

Three Words: Women, Comics, Creators

I honestly think that Rachel Fenton’s one of the coolest, most talented, and nicest people I’ve never met (I’m determined that, one day that’ll change). I’ve long been an admirer of her work (just look at what she did for Beautiful Words last year) and I really couldn’t be happier to have her back here […]

Poised Pen Long List – and December 4th

I’m absolutely delighted that the long list for The Poised Pen’s Another Place Competition is up. If you entered and your name’s not on there do have a read about what I said here. There were some brilliant stories that didn’t quite make it. And if your name is on there: CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve done wonderfully well […]

Special Christmas Offer. Introducing the The Beautiful Bundle

Hello, hello. How are we all? It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I’m fine, thank you very much. And it would have been a little while longer were it not for those fine folks over at RoastBooks putting on a Very Special Offer. Introducing: The Beautiful Bundle.   Here’s what it is: It’s all […]

Bunnies and Rejection

First up – I’m over at Books With Bunny today, talking about all sorts of things – from giving my heart away to how Beautiful Trees came about, and why every word matters. Click here to read in full. And a huge part of yesterday was spent with the very short stories I’m judging for […]

The Trees Are Growing and I Have an Old Soul

It’s been just over a week since Beautiful Trees was published so I thought I’d post an update here. I also thought I’d leave it a week so you didn’t get fed up of me going on about it. The response has been wonderful. Better than I expected by a mile. I think the best […]

My Fairy Tale

I’m a big fairy tale fan. A collection of Perrault’s works is one of my most treasured books. I have loads and loads of fairytale collections of all sizes and for all ages and there’s definitely been a fairytale slant to many, many of my stories for ages. But Carmine’s Fruit is the only one […]

Book Monster!

Beautiful Trees has been out for a few days now and, so far, the response to it has been amazing. But I’m not here to talk about that. Nope – you’ve got a day off. Today I’m delighted to welcome Bookmonster Ally here. I know Ally from my work in The Children’s Central in Sheffield […]

150 Words Competition!

So, my latest book, Beautiful Trees, is now published. And to celebrate there are prizes to be won! To be in with a chance of winning first prize – my whole back catalogue, personalised and signed (either for you or for a present – Christmas is just around the corner…) all you have to do is to […]

Beautiful Trees – Out Now

It makes me astonishingly happy that Beautiful Trees is now published (and available from all good bookshops). And I’m astonishingly proud of it, and astonishingly proud that my publishers, the wonderful RoastBooks, have let me put a book like this out there. I think a lot might think (and quite rightly, perhaps) that a picture […]