A Date for Your Diary – Off The Shelf Festival of Words

I’m really excited to be appearing at a special Readers’ Afternoon at Off The Shelf Festival of Words in Sheffield in a few weeks (there’ll be all sorts of writing goodness, and a panel too). As you’ll probably have noticed, I’ve not done very many appearances to do with actual books of mine of late […]

Calling Young Writers

Following the success of the workshop I ran for young people at Sheffield Central Library in August, I’ve been asked to run another. So I’ll be at Ecclesall Library, working with six young people (ages 8 – 11) for three consecutive afternoons: 28th, 29th, and the 30th October, during half term, where we’ll be generating good […]


I did not know Stuart well. He was the nice guy who I saw around town. He was the guy who’d come and listen when we played music and sang in the pub. He was the man who stopped me in the street after reading in a local mag about the work I’d been doing […]

I Am Judging This Flash Fiction Competition

I’m very pleased, and very proud, to announce that I’ll be this year’s judge for the very brilliant Poised Pen’s Flash Fiction Competition. The word limit is 350 words (and that means I’m keen on anything under that – please don’t see that 350 as a figure you have to hit) and the theme is Antony Gormley’s […]

A Shortlisting, Some Ethics, and a Brilliant Opportunity

Because I edit an awful lot of short stories, I don’t tend to enter competitions (I think I’ve entered two in my whole writing career – one, happily, resulted in this – thank you, Fiction Desk – you can buy the book here). It was a very easy decision to make because, ethically, if I’m […]

Neck Ties At Four

I don’t remember too much about my first year of school. I remember Wayne, my friend (who I saw the other night incidentally, which was good). I remember coats as capes attached to heads by hoods. I remember the headmaster telling us all a fable in assembly, about an old, dying woman. She had a […]

More Details and a Beach

I’m actually just sitting down to write this at half two in the morning, because I’m busy and life is hard sometimes, and because there really aren’t enough hours in the day. And because it feels like it’s been a little while since I’ve actually said anything on here and I wanted to change that. […]

Jodi Cleghorn: For The Asking

I’m handing the blog over today, until next I post, to the very lovely and talented Jodi Cleghorn who’s not only here to tell you all what she’d done and does (read: cool stuff – she published me once which clearly means that I’ll love her forever), but also about an exciting little course she’s […]