The Next Book

A Book of Beautiful Trees. Coming Thursday November 5th, 2015. Click to pre-order.

Kate Long’s Back

I’m always very happy to have the very lovely Kate Long here. One, because she’s unquestionably one of the nicest people I know in writing (her post on loving words is brilliant) and, second, because it usually means she has another book out – and that is always a good thing because her books are […]

Paul McVeigh Talks

And today I’m delighted to welcome the brilliant and multi-talented Paul McVeigh to the blog to talk about, well, his multi-talents. And his new book. So without further a do, here’s Paul. Paul! Welcome to the blog, finally. I know we’ve been talking about doing this for far too long and that we’ve not is […]

Two Pieces of Killer Writing Advice From People Who Aren’t Me That Never Get Old

Short Story and Flash Fiction Tips

When I first put these up, a few years ago now, they went down very well. So here they are again – a few tips on writing good short fiction.   Short Story and Flash Fiction Tipss Here are my tips for anyone wanting to write a good short story or piece of flash fiction: […]

Some Thoughts on Being a Writer and Process

  Over the past couple of days I’ve ended up doing a lot of waiting. Over two hours in a train station on Sunday and in a hospital all afternoon yesterday (don’t worry, I’m fine). And, being as I usually have no time to think about much at allĀ I used that time, waiting, to think. […]