Don’t Try This At Home

It’s a huge pleasure to welcome Angela Readman to the blog today, mostly because her latest book, the very wonderful Don’t Try This at Home is a huge pleasure to read. Not only that, it’s a book whose stories stick with you, like the good kind of bruises, long after you’ve put her down. It’s […]

National Flash Fiction Day

So, it’s National Flash Fiction Day. Hooray. The fourth one, no less. And, as ever and sadly, I am in a rush.   But am I the sort to let such a day pass without acknowledgement? No, sir, I am not. So, here first, is this year’s anthology, Landmarks. There’s a story of mine, ‘Love’ […]

£10 Flash Fiction Edit + Sushi Consumption

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that there’s been a change in pricing for the edits I do and I just wanted to make a brief note here about that (brief, only because I don’t really like to talk about stuff that isn’t writing and story and generally I find this interesting here). So, […]

Love Story + Other Things

As I seem to be saying over and over and over again recently, I have been busy. And I really have. I know ‘busy’ is a kind of a default setting for me, and has been over the past ten years, but I think this is probably about the busiest I’ve been in as long […]

Getting In The Way

You know I had intended to mark this little website re-launch thing with something a little more significant than, well, just saying ‘Here’s a new website’ (huge thanks to the very lovely Vicky for her hard work for it – if anyone’s ever after a designer type person then drop me a line). I was […]

New Look

Hello! So we’ve a bit of a new look going on here. I do hope you like it. I’m about to head off to teach but, believe me, there’ll be lots more content coming very soon, and very exciting content at that. In the meantime, make yourselves at home. I’ll be back soon. And if you’ve […]