To Tell The Truth

I bought Jaymay’s latest (Jaymay in Norway) the other day and it’s been on pretty much continually since. There’s always a bit of an odd feeling when I get something new from someone whose previous work I’ve loved – a kind of fear that I won’ like it, that the bubble will burst. Not so […]

Bank Holiday Offer + What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been pretty busy of late, as I’ve probably mentioned. Workshops, editing, travelling, personal stuff have all been taking up a lot of my time and brain power. Most of it’s been really great (a few crappy personal bits aside which I might or might not talk about in here at some point)- it’s lucky […]

Just Because Everyone Needs Christopher Walken’s Invisible Man Halloween Tips in the Middle of May

And here’s me, scribbled by a very talented young artist. More soon. Tonight, I’m tired. It has been a long and busy week, and it’s only Wednesday. Stay tuned, folks.

Welcoming Susan Tepper

Now, way back when this little blog began, I used to do loads and loads of author interviews, and I loved it. As well as supporting people doing similar things to me it was also cool for me to listen to how other people wrote and interesting to see what they were writing about and […]

Another Kiss

The latest issue of Downtown and Driftwood is out and I’m very pleased to have a story in it. It’s an old one. It’s Kiss, the first story in Not So Perfect and it’s one that people seem to like (it’s been reprinted a few times now). It’s one that I’m very fond of too. […]