Library Day + Digital Readman

I’m back at the desk now after spending a big chunk of yesterday in the library. I got there at half three and left just after seven. And it was fun. First the young writers I’d been working with for eight weeks since January got the books they’ve written. I’ve said before that they looked brilliant […]

Photo Evidence

It’s been another very busy few weeks here – one of the reasons there’s been such little activity on the blog for a little while. But things have been done. Oh yes they have. I’ve been doing plenty of teaching and workshop running, and prepping for ones coming up. The presentation and reading for my […]

Skein Island – Lucky Number 7

I like Aliya Whiteley. I’ve said it beef and I’ll say it again. Hers, I think, was the first blog I subscribed to (way back in 2005, I think) and she even published one of my very early short stories (or one of the early ones I was happy with at least), when she was […]

Junior Writing Group Spaces

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, this year I’ve been running writing groups for younger people – and I’ve another on the horizon. It’s been an awful lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and I’m looking forward to working with the next group And there are spaces available (we’ve had a […]