14-19 Year Old Writers

For the next few weeks I’ll be running some workshops for young writers in Yorkshire. I’ve been helping out with them already for the past few weeks and it’s been something I’ve enjoyed an awful lot – I’ve been working with some brilliant writers and we’ve produced some excellent work. So, if you’re a young […]

Recommended by the Hungover

I have made it onto The Pokehttp://www.thepoke.co.uk/2015/02/25/book-recommendations-waterstones-getting-bit-weird/ and it made me chuckle 

Interviews and Biscuits

Yesterday the great Steve Murphy dropped by (with his glamorous assistant, Mark). Steve’s a great photographer and also the founder of the exciting new publication Downtown & Driftwood – a delightful mixture of short fictions, poems, and photography, whose last issue featured my short story Cupid and Me. Steve and I chatted for an interview, which […]

Cupid And Me

Very happy indeed to have my brand new, never seen before, short story ‘Cupid and Me’ in this beautiful new publication. It’s a story about someone meeting Cupid, which is rather fitting given what day it is on Saturday. There are arrows and there is a fight, and it’s a story I’m really proud of. […]

Me, Quoting

Thrilled to see this over on Twitter yesterday, the brilliant cover – complete with my words – of the brilliant Rolli’s latest. It’s good. Really good. And really funny. Click here for more .