Paper Talk

One of my lovely neighbours caught me in the entrance hall yesterday to tell me I’d been mentioned in the local paper. The article’s not really about me at all of course, it’s about Jenny Martin, a writer I’ve taught for a little while now. More importantly it’s about her brilliant collection of war poems, […]

Teaching And Stuff

Yesterday was the last session of the children’s writing course I’ve been running. Six children, eight weeks, lots of fun and lots of hard work and, at the end, six brilliant stories that I’m now going to be turning into six little books. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, mostly I think, because I had a great […]

Could You Pass the Louisiana Test?

Well, could you? I most certainly couldn’t. Have a go, and have an interesting read, here.

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Thinking Of Christmas

So, Halloween’s been and gone and it was fun. But what I’m really thinking of now, is Christmas. Not the holiday, you understand. But the film (Facebook page here) of one of my friend, Cally Taylor’s, books, Home for Christmas. Here’s the trailer. Do take a look and go see it if you can. I […]