Quick Questions

Quick one today to say that I’m thrilled to be over at the lovely Jen Campbell’s blog today, answering one or two questions about words. Click here to see.

Children’s Writing Workshop

So, on Tuesday 5th August I’m running a writing workshop for children. It’s for children aged 7 and up and will only cost £2. I’m looking forward to it very much. I used to run an awful lot of workshops for children when I wrote for them but since switching to writing things for adults […]

Better Late Than Never

So, I’ve been a little quiet on here of late. Mostly because I’ve been busy. But I’ve managed to shift a mountain of work from my desk/computer and now I’m a little freer I’d like to point you in a couple of cool directions.   First, the winner and shortlisted mini-flash collections, from the Bookimbo […]

Carys Competition Time!

The lovely and very talented Carys Bray has a new book out. A novel, and it sounds excellent. So, as she’s lovely and talented  I’m thrilled to have her back on the blog to talk about it. And as if that’s not enough, leave a comment and you could get your hands on a signed […]