Just a quick one today – I’m over at the delightful Cathy’s place today, talking about my experience of working with illustrators. Of the four books I’ve had published, all of them have been illustrated, and it’s been fun to think about the different ways those illustrations have happened.

No Exit – Dan Holloway

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome the brilliant Dan Holloway here. Dan’s an author, journalist, poet, and all round good egg. His latest book, No Exit (published by Pankhearst Singles on May 5th), sounds rather good. Here’s the man himself to talk about it…   A room with no windows   It’s something we all fantasise […]

I am Judging This Flash Competition

First off, here’s the brilliant Sue Guiney’s review of Beautiful Words. I love (and feel really rather relieved) that people like it. That they get it. That makes me happy.   She begins: “Nik Perring is an incredibly creative and innovative writer whose work I’ve been following for years now. I first wrote about him here when […]


On Friday I emailed the winners of my Beautiful Words competition. I ended up picking them at random, mostly because pretty much all of the entries would have been worthy winners, so that felt like the fairest thing to do. A huge thanks to everyone who took part – there were far more than I’d […]

Smash Lits!

The brilliant (and very talented – check out her work) Sara Crowley has interviewed me Smash Hits style. If you’d like to know what I think of rude ghosts, tofu v bacon fights, conscious uncoupling, and see a poem about tonic (and much, much more) you should have a click here. Big thanks to Sara. […]

Puddles and Accidents

I’m over at the fab Talli Roloand’s place today, telling you to jump in puddles. It’s true. We should all be jumping in more puddles. And also, it’s the equally fab C.L. Taylor’s The Accident’s publication day. My postman was good enough to bring me my copy this morning and I’m looking forward to reading it […]

Words (and Trees) With Carys Bray

So it’s the day after publication day. And it (aside from the very, very sad Peaches Geldof news) was lovely. A huge thank you to everyone who made it so. And a huge thanks, too, to everyone who entered the favourite words competition. I’ll announce the winners either later today if I have time (there […]

Publication Day (and a Book Giveaway)

So it’s finally here. Beautiful Words is now officially published (and, of course, available from all good book outlets, though here seems to be the cheapest and with free worldwide delivery). And to celebrate I’m running a competition. I’ve a handful of copies I’ll give away, signed and personalised (and with a secret extra treat) […]

My Imaginary Bookshop and What’s Better Than Chocolates For Your Birthday

I’m over at the lovely Writer’s Little Helper today, talking about imaginary bookshops and why one sort of cake is never enough. And outside bits. You can read the whole thing here.   Let me know what would be in yours. My favourite wins a signed copy of Beautiful Words. You have a week.   […]

Things I Missed

I can be a bit dopey at times. Well, a lot of the time. One of those times was last week, when I completely missed the brilliant Scott Pack talking about Beautiful Words. And the equally brilliant Rosie at Vulpes Libris had some interesting things to say about it too, here.   Right. Back to […]