Why You Shouldn’t Read Beautiful Words

With the publication day of Beautiful Words drawing ever closer, reviews are starting to come in. So far, they’ve all been positive, which has gone some way to making me less nervous. Here’s the latest, from the brilliant Dan Powell, on why you shouldn’t read it. He says, along with other things: ‘All of which […]

A Review and a Quote

Very quick post today as I’m busy, busy, busy writing and I’ve got to leave my flat in a few minutes to teach. Lovely to see the top Dan Purdue reviewing Beautiful Words here.   And also lovely to have this wonderful quote from the equally wonderful Robert Shearman on it. This is what he […]

Beautiful Words – First Review

Beautiful Words (only two left in stock!!) is being despatched. People are receiving it which is both exciting and scary (despite this being my fourth book, that worry that no one will like it doesn’t go away). So, seeing this review, Beautiful Words’ first, yesterday made me very happy. Very happy indeed. Here’s an excerpt: ‘Nik Perring’s […]

That Was Nice

Big thanks to the lovely and talented Natalie Bowers for her lovely review of Not So Perfect. It’s nearly four years since it was published so it’s a great thing to know it’s still being read – and thinking it’s still being enjoyed puts a smile on this grumpy old face of mine. Thank you […]

And Then They Arrived

So yesterday, this happened. and then this Yes, my author copies of Beautiful Words arrived. I love them very much. They are beautiful, beautiful objects – the quality is stunning and I’m a very happy author. If you’d like your own, then here seems to be the cheapest place (with free worldwide delivery). And now […]

It Started With a Kiss

It started with a Kiss. I like kisses so I thought I’d share. It’s quite lovely, isn’t it? )

The Fiction Desk

I was thrilled to find out, yesterday, that my story, Loss Angina, was one of the winners of The Fiction Desk’s flash fiction competition. I’ve long maintained that my stories aren’t the sort that tend to do well in comps (I’ve only ever entered one or two) so that was a pleasant surprise. Big congrats […]

Looking Out of Broken Windows

It’s a huge pleasure to welcome the brilliant Dan Powell to the blog today. You may remember me mentioning him and his debut collection, Looking Out of Broken Windows, a little while ago when I talked about my words being on his cover. This, incidentally, is what I said: ‘Looking Out of Broken Windows is […]

My Next Book

Over the past few years I have been collecting words. More of a hobby than anything else. If there was a word that interested me – for whatever reason, the way it looks or sounds or feels to say it, its significance, what it means or represents, I’d pop it in a small yellow notebook. […]