Out Of The Ruins

Long time friend, and friend of the blog, Sue Guiney has a brand new book out. It’s published tomorrow and it’s called Out Of The Ruins, and I’m delighted to have her back here to tell us a little about it, how it relates to her previous novel (which she also talked about here) and […]


And so 2014 rumbles on. It’s been good, so far. It started busy (with good things) and it’s continuing to be busy (with good things). Writing is happening, editing is happening – both my own stuff and for other people – reading is happening, and deadlines are all around me and, apart from the occasional […]

Use Words You Know

I’ll have to brief (there are places I need to shortly, and things I need to be doing for people) but I’ve just read this, from Kurt Vonnegut, and was compelled to say something about it. First off, being Vonnegut, it’s spot on right the way through. But the bit at the end, the bit […]

Interesting Thoughts On eBook Pricing

I was going to blog in a little more detail today, but after a heavy week of writing and editing I feel a little bit writinged out. And I’ve not got all that much to say. Sorry about that.   This, however makes for good reading on eBook pricing, and is well worth a look.


These are absolutely bonkers but brilliant. And pretty catchy too.

Now I’ve Woken Up

Hello! Hello, lovely readers. Hello 2014! I hope you all had a grand old time over the holidays/got through them. I did. Just about. This was the first time since 2005 (when I was doing first book stuff) that I actually took a significant amount of time off. I had a week. And it was […]