Good Night, Barbie

The excellent folks over at the excellent Metazen have just published another brand new story of mine. It contains hamsters, Barbie dolls, and a funeral and you can read it by clicking here. I do hope you like it.

Doris Lessing

As I’m sure most of you will know, Doris Lessing passed away yesterday which is, of course sad news. I’ll be honest I’ve not read any of her books (yet). This, in fact, is the only thing of hers I’ve read and I love it. And if that doesn’t make me want to read her […]

Brand New Story

There’s a brand new story of mine over at the brill Pygmy Giant today. It’s called Liar and you can read it here. Hope you like it. (And, contrary to what I said the other day, the other story will be published next Thursday. I clearly am not very good at reading calendars.)

A Busy Week

So I’ve quite a busy week ahead, which is nice.   On Tuesday I’ll be on Beartown Radio, from 7pm until 8pm, talking books and stories and music.   On Wednesday the fabulous Metazen will publish a brand new story of mine, Goodnight Barbie.   And on Thursday another brand new story, Liar, will be […]