Musings: 7 Years Ago Today. And a Free Book Too

Seven years ago, my first book was published. (Happy birthday, book!) This post was going to be one about what’s changed, for me about writing, in those seven years but now I come to think about it the answer is: mot much. It’s still fun and it’s still hard. Very hard. If anything writing now, […]


Hello. Yes, I am still here and alive. Apologies for the lack of action here of late, September seems to have been and gone without me noticing. So, what have I been up to? Well, the usual, to be honest (so no real excuse). Mostly writing, editing, teaching, and reading. Enjoying watching the summer slip […]

Back To School Offer

Well it’s that time of year, all right. I hope all uniforms are named and labelled and that new pencil cases have been bought. As you’ll probably know, I run a six part online short fiction course. Well, a couple of places have become free and I thought that, as it’s back to school month, […]