Something Old, Something Cool

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I will be 32. That doesn’t make me particularly happy.   But! Seeing this review of Freaks! by Dan Purdue DID make me happy. Funny how things balance out, isn’t it?   Big thanks to Dan (and everyone else who’ve taken the time to review any of my books) – he’s […]

The Friday Gospels on a Saturday

Last Thursday saw the release of Jenn Ashworth’s The Friday Gospels in paperback. I’m a huge fan of Jenn and her work (she’s one of those genuinely lovely writing folk) so I asked her if she’d like me to help her celebrate by coming over here and having a little chat. And she has! Hooray […]

Me, Being Interviewed

The delightful and talented Lesley Jackson was kind enough to ask me a few questions about my writing the other day. If you have yourselves a click here you can read what I had to say. Big thanks to Lesley for inviting me and for her fab questions!

Welcoming Calum Kerr

Calum Kerr, who you’ll most likely know as the chap who organises National Flash Fiction Day has a book out, a collection of flash fictions, ‘Lost Property‘. And to help him celebrate, here he is, chatting about being lonely and about National Flash Fiction Day. Over to you, Calum… I Wandered Lonely Calum Kerr Ask […]


Just a little reminder that you can hear me chatting on Canalside Radio from 6pm tonight. You can listen here, if you’re so inclined. *** Also, isn’t this interesting?


  I was asked last week if I’d mind popping down to the local radio station, Canalside FM, to talk a little about the writing group I run at Bollington Library, and being the amiable chap I am, I said of course. So, on Thursday I went. What was supposed to be a two minute […]

A Weird Visit

I don’t tend to get out much these days, mostly because I’m tired after long days and because those days are long, by the time I’ve finished it’s pretty late anyway. However, I made an exception last night, by golly. The lovely Jen Campbell (fabulous writer and poet and long time friend of the blog) […]

DVD Extras – In Books

Today, I welcome the lovely Jude Starling to the blog. She has a new book out, The Goldcord Asylum, and she’s here to chat about that and, more interestingly, the idea of extra gifts in books. Over to Jude… * I have a confession that might be somewhat embarrassing for me as a 21st century […]