Ruby Sparks

I watched Ruby Sparks last night and I”m pretty certain it’ll end up being my film of the year. Granted, I don’t watch all that many – and I’m a long way from being anything close to being an expert – but I thought it was utterly delightful. The acting and the shooting of it […]

Here’s me interviewing the brilliant Aimee Bender a couple of years ago

Welcoming Ali Bacon

Long time friend of the blog Ali Bacon has a new book out. It’s called A Kettle of Fish and looks rather good, and when I heard about it I asked Ali if she’d like to come over here to give it a wee mention. Which she has kindly agreed to do, with the BONUS […]

The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen This Year

This is, without question, the funniest thing I’ve seen this year (found courtesy of the lovely Jen Campbell). I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Which probably says a lot. Enjoy!  

Weird Shit

There’s a brilliant Angela Readman essay up over at the Thresholds Short Story Forum, in which she discusses, basically, why Etgar Keret is so damn cool (which he undoubtably is). Go, have a read. You’ll enjoy it. And what makes the essay even cooler for me is that I get a little mention. Angela says: […]


Here’s a story for Valentine’s Day (whether you celebrate it or, like me, not). Kiss The man was rude to his wife, mostly. But she loved him all the same, loved him as much as when they’d met – her, fresh out of college, him with flecks of grey already creeping into his hair. Decades […]

Flash Fiction Course Offer

Just a little reminder that my six part online short fiction course is only £89 if you sign up before the end of Valentine’s Day. I only have a couple of places left so if you are interested you’d probably be best off not waiting too long. More info on the course here. As you […]

If Last Week Was Baseball I’d Have Probably Struck Out

The past couple of weeks have thrown me a couple of particularly curvy curve balls. It’s okay. I’m okay. Nobody died. But it has meant that I’m behind with things. So if you’re waiting for stuff from me (and I know a lot of you are) then: apologies. Things should be  back to normal soon […]

George Saunders

I’ve not yet read any of George Saunders’ work (but I will, oh yes, I will), but that hasn’t stopped me thinking this is brilliant.