Also: This is Beautiful

What’s this, you say? Two posts in one day from young master Perring? Does he not have work to do! Well, yes, indeed he does. But he took a break and he saw this and it made him go ‘Wow’ and ‘Whoosh!’, and, ‘By golly, that’s beautiful,’ so he wanted to share it. (He’s nice […]

They Read a Short Story Today

I am a fan of Mary Miller. Big World is wonderful. She is, in my humble opinion, one of the best realist short story writers out there (I was lucky enough to interview her a little while ago here). I noticed yesterday that she’s involved with something cool. That cool something is being editor at […]

What Do We Have in Our Pockets?

If you’re an Etgar Keret fan like me then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. If you’re not, you just might be after giving it a watch.

Big Ray

I am a Michael Kimball fan (and this was even before he’d said nice things about Not So Perfect). Dear Everybody is comfortably in my top five books, and Us isn’t all that far behind. Michael’s latest, Big Ray, does everything a Michael Kimball novel is supposed to do. Expertly constructed from small entries, it […]


I’m a huge fan of stories being read aloud (I’ve done a few videos of me doing just that myself actually) but it’s not often that I get to hear other people reading out stuff I’ve worked on*. Here’s the great Asher Black reading Hello, one of the stories from Freaks! for his Read To […]

Rainbows and Barriers

This makes me happy. And so does this, by the lovely Claire King.

Hello, New Year

Hello! I trust you had a good time over the holidays. Mine were pretty quiet but enjoyable nonetheless. I even took a little time off. And slept.   A couple of things…. First off, I was thrilled to seeFreaks! make it onto another best of the year list. This time it was over at the […]