Goodbye and Hello.

So that’s (very nearly) it for 2012. I was going to do some kind of review of the year post but I ended up being busier than expected so that didn’t happen. I may yet still do one. 2012 was a weird one for me. It was mostly good, and it was remarkably busy, and […]

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone. I wish you all a very splendid time over the festive period. Have fun!

Stop the Gun Violence

I know I’m not an American and have no right to tell anyone, anywhere, how I think they should live their lives, but I do think this is worth watching, no matter who, or where, you are.

A Short Story About The End of The World

So today’s both the date of what some (nutters?) are telling us is the end of the world, and it’s also National Short Story Day. So what better blog post to plonk up here than one containing a short story about the end of the world? It’s from Not So Perfect. It’s called Five Years […]


I’ve just noticed that both Freaks! and Not So Perfect are available, in all their paperback glory, for under a fiver from Waterstones. Which is rather cool. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that they’d make the PERFECT gift this Christmas, but I will anyway. (I’ve got a small number of copies left […]

Why Finland is a Fictional Wonderland

I’m delighted to welcome Joel Willans to the blog today – he’s a long time friend of the blog and a writer I’ve admired for a while now. His collection, ‘Spellbound: Stories of Women’s Magic Over Men‘ is out now and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. And its cover’s pretty bloody wonderful, […]


The Doctor Who geek in me loves this an awful lot. Thanks to Andy Fanton for the heads up.

A New Story

A few years ago I tried to write a story about a boy who, without meaning to, affected the weather. For whatever reason I didn’t finish it or make it into anything I’d be happy putting my name to. A few months ago, however, I went back to the idea, starting pretty much from scratch, […]

Christmas Prezzie, Anyone?

If anyone would like a signed, personalised copy of any of my books for crimbo, or would like to give them to a friend or loved one as a gift, then let me know (either leave me a comment, send me a message via Twitter or Facebook, or use the contact form here). You can […]