Yesterday evening I taught my weekly class at the library. After I’d finished, the head librarian took me to one side and told me Sue, one of the librarians there, had died. It was cancer and she hadn’t known she’d had it so the end was quick and relatively painless, which offered some degree of […]

Sweet Home

I’m delighted to welcome the very talented, and long time friend of the blog, AND all round short story good person, Carys Bray to the blog today, to talk about her debut collection, Sweet Home. I’ve yet to read it, but knowing her work (which I’m lucky to) I know it’ll be rather splendid. So. […]

Writing Group

Six or seven years ago I was asked by the then regional head of libraries ’round my way (a lovely lady called Pat, if memory serves, which I hope it does) if I’d run a writing group/teach classes at a nearby library. That library was Bollington library. I said yes, and I’ve been doing it, […]

Being Babied

I’m over at Valerie Sirr’s place today, talking about Not So Perfect, book covers, titles, writing styles, and characters wanting to be babied. Do pop across and have a nosey.

A 99p Recommendation

I know I’ve mentioned, with considerable regularity) that the Freaks! eBook is ONLY 99p (what do you mean you’ve not bought it yet??!), and, thanks to my brilliant publisher, it still is. It’s not the only one though. Oh no. There are many. One of which is the brilliant ‘Confessions of a GP’, which I’ve […]

Birthday Girl

It was my mum’s birthday yesterday (I almost posted a picture here but thought better of it – so she doesn’t kill me). It was good. I got to see my brother and his other half (the baker of the incredible cake), and today my sister and her husband and my nephew arrived from overseas. So, yes. […]

Stories Plus Actors

First off, a big thanks to all who entered the competition to win a copy of Janina Matthewson’s ‘The Understanding of Women’. The draw’s been made now and the winners are SarahGraceLogan, and Kirsty. Congrats to you both. I’m sure you’ll love it. And commiserations to those whose names weren’t pulled out of my biscuit […]

The Understanding of Women

I’m thrilled to welcome the very lovely and very talented Janina Matthewson to the blog today, to talk about her novella (available as an eBook now), the wonderfully titled ‘The Understanding of Women’. I’ve been dipping into it all week and very much loving what I’ve read. Janina’s very kindly offered a free copy or […]