That Day Looms

So, this time next week I’ll be, for want of a better word, celebrating my birthday. I’ll be thirty-one. And what normally happens as I approach that day is that I get grumpy. I’m not a huge fan of my birthday. I like other people’s – they’re fab – just not mine. I end up […]


The sun is shining and it’s, for the first time in days, bright outside. And to coincide with this wondrous natural event (I live near Manchester) I’m over at the fab Lorrie Porter’s blog, talking about my light bulb moments. A big thanks to Lorrie for having me.

Welcoming a Wonderful Guest

I’m thrilled to welcome Kerry Hudson to the blog today (this should have gone up this morning but for some reason hasn’t, and god knows why). Aside from being very lovely, Kerry’s debut, Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma, looks amazing. I’ve only read the first couple of […]

Feeling Like a Writer

It’s been a busy few days for me, with writing and editing and teaching, which is why I’ve fallen behind with the whole blogging side of things. Sorry about that. But, of all the things I’ve been doing, I think the most exciting was a short trip to London last week to attend the HarperCollins […]