Another Earth

I watched this over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. Another Earth appears within travelling distance of the one we’re on, and on it are other versions of us, who, up until the point where we discovered each other, have lived exactly the same lives. But that’s not what the story’s about, and I […]

Today, The Internet is Like My Own Tardis

It’s true. By the power of the internet I am in three places at once today. I’m talking to the magnificent Cally Taylor (whose name I can’t use without it reminding me that her first book made me cry in public) about what turns me on and off when I’m judging/reading submissions. I’m at the […]


So, further to yesterday’s post, Freaks! actually is two weeks old. Happy birthday to you. Today I’m over at Winning Words talking about collaborating. And, while I’m talking about Freaks! – could I ask a favour (I know, another one!) – If you’ve read and enjoyed it, a review on your blogs or on Goodreads or on amazon (or anywhere […]

How I Write

So, Freaks! is almost two weeks old. Those two weeks have just flown by and I’ve been wandering around (well, metaphorically – mostly I’ve been sat at my computer) in a daze. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do when your book is published. I was thrilled to hear, last week, […]

Weird Things!

I thought it’d be nice to have change today. So instead of me banging on about my book, I’ve invited the very lovely Jen Campbell here to talk about hers which, incidentally, should make the Sunday Times Best Seller list this weekend – hooray! There’s a competition too – scroll down for that. It’s called […]


First of all – a HUGE thank you to all who’ve helped, and to all who’ve said they’ll help, with the launching of Freaks!. It’s been wonderful seeing Freaks! out there in the big wide, and scary, world. Second. We have a winner from the Twitter name your ideal super power competition. And the winner […]

Freaks is Released!

Freaks! is finally here! Released as a paperback and eBook TODAY! It’s a collection of 50 short stories. It’s a collaboration between me and Caroline Smailes. It’s illustrated by Darren Craske. It’s about people with super powers, real and imagined. And I am absolutely proud of it.   As Caroline says here, it actually started […]

Competition Time! What Would YOUR Super Power Be?

Tomorrow Freaks!, the collection of stories I wrote with the brilliant Caroline Smailes, illustrated by the magnificent Darren Craske, is published. HOORAY! And, to celebrate, we have a competition for you. It will be on Twitter and it will be fun. So, what it is this competition you ask. And I’m glad you did. You […]

Two Days To Go/How You Can Help

Well there are only two days to go until Freaks! is officially published. And that’s both scary and exciting. But it’s a celebration too and I just wanted to remind you that you can join in with the celebrations in a couple of different ways. You could, if you like, pop one of the stories […]

Freaks Online Celebration – Important Info

A huge thanks to all of you lovely people who’ve agrees to help with the online launch of Freaks! (and if anyone else would like to come to the party, you are MOST welcome – see my previous post for details). So, here’s what I need you to do… You’ll need to send James, who’s […]