Perhaps The Most Valuable £80 I’ve Earned

It’s just struck me that it was almost eight years ago, to the day, when I was first paid for my writing. I’d been taking writing seriously for a couple of years before that, and I’d had some success, but I’d never been paid and I’d been wondering if I was good to enough to […]

Freaks! The First Review

Some things never change. You (in this case, we!) write a book, and it’s hard and it’s tiring and you hope that, when you’ve finished, it’ll be good enough to be published. After many months and lots and lots of hard work and worry you finish it and you find that, actually, you think it is good […]

99 Reasons Why

It’s publication day today of the fabulous Caroline Smailes’ eBook only, ‘99 Reasons Why‘. So, first off – hooray! Second, there’s something a little special going on. As the book (as I’m sure you’ll have heard) has not one, but a whole load of possible endings, some of them have been made available exclusively on […]

In Which I Recommend Two Films

I wouldn’t consider myself to be anywhere close to being a movie buff. I mean, I like films, I just haven’t, over this past few years, managed to find the time to watch too many of them. I think the last time I went to the cinema was to see the Benjamin Button movie (which […]

I Like Tweets Like These

Someone sent me this on Twitter yesterday:   “Your flash fiction course did wonders for my writing. Placed in a competition and the story is being published in an anthology.” Followed by this: “Best money I’ve spent for a long time.”   Which, of course, made me happy. (Details of said course can be found […]

What I’ve Been Doing (With Pictures)

Well, it’s been quite the busy few weeks here at Perring Towers. Things have been happening. Stuff has been done. MOST exciting was receiving my copies of Freaks!. I have inspected it daily, and I can tell you that it is still VERY beautiful and I’m still impossibly proud of it. And I’m really looking […]

Freaks! Reasons To Be Very Excited

So, this morning the postman delivered a couple of copies of Freaks!. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the finished product. Those clever people at The Friday Project have well and truly worked their magic. I’ll say more at the beginning of the week (like how, if you’ve pre-ordered or do so […]

One Step Closer

Two bits of rather splendid news today. The first is that the brilliant Andrew Kaufman (you can see my review of his brilliant The Tiny Wife here – it was also my book of the year, last year) has read Freaks! – and he’s had this to say about it. “Read it and be amazed! Before […]