A Story

So, it’s National Storytelling Week (28th Jan – 4th Feb), and the idea is to celebrate, and raise awareness of, oral story telling. Which is a good thing. So, I whipped out my Flip video camera thingummy a few minutes ago and recorded this. And, wouldn’t it be cool if you all did the same…

A Little Wiser

It’s been a bit of a miserable few weeks for me, which is why the blogging’s been kept to a minimum. There have been a few personal issues I’ve had to deal with, the least serious of which have been HOURS of phone calls to people who supply broadband (or don’t, as the case may […]

An Interview With Stanley Donwood

You might know Stanley Donwood from his (rather brilliant) art. He’s, among other things, Radiohead’s artist in residence. More importantly (well, today, at least), he’s a writer too. And a very good one at that. I had the pleasure of reading his latest collection of short fictions, ‘Household Worms‘ just before the holidays and I […]

More Cool

Another couple of cool things for your reading pleasure. First, one of the best short stories I’ve read in ages. And second – this nice mention. *** I’ve had a ridiculous week. One that’s left me feeling shattered and a bit defeated, so I’ll leave it at that. And now I finish off work and […]

Two Bits of Lovely

First up, this – from the terrific and ridiculously good, Rob Shearman. It’s a story with me in it. Well, my name at least. It’s, without doubt, the best story involving a cat reciting an epic poem that you will ever read. And it’s wonderful. I mean, really wonderful. Go read it. And also go […]

And Alas It Was As Though The Holidays Never Happened

Well, not strictly. I am feeling better for having some time off. Happy new year, one and all. I hope your holidays were splendid. I am back at work. Properly. Yesterday, as well as watching some great stuff on iPlayer and 4 OD (Charlie Brooker, and Charlie Brooker), I wrote the first draft of an […]