My New Flash Fiction Course

So. Over the last few weeks (yes, yes, as well as writing and editing and trying to have something resembling a life!) I’ve been tweaking my Flash Fiction Course. And I can now, happily and proudly, reveal that it’s ready to be launched. Here’s what it is. It’s a six part course, for all abilities, […]

A Free Story

Ether Books have been doing something cool with short stories and iPhone/pad/touch apps for a little while now, namely making short stories available to download to your iPhone or Pad or Touch. It’s a great idea (and not JUST because it’s something I thought would work well when eBooks started taking off). I love the […]

Waterstone’s, Oxford Street – Staff Picks

Here’s something that makes me happy. A photo from Waterstone’s, Oxford Street in old London Town, taken last Friday, showing that Not So Perfect is a Staff Pick. It says: ‘A book that’s full to the brim with ideas and all elegantly presented in bite-sized pieces. Perfect for the tube.’ I can’t argue with that. And […]

Creative Drinking With Rolli

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be guest editor over at the utterly brilliant Smokelong. And, while in the position I found, and published, a proper brilliant story, ‘The Man With The Ridiculously Huge Coupon’ by a man called Rolli (you can read it here). Fast forward to now and Rolli has […]

How To Write: Don’t Listen To Me

I ended up getting my knickers in a right old twist last night. You see, I was reading a How To write book, not something I’ve never really done much of, and certainly not something I do very often. The reason I don’t read books like that is, mostly, because I end up disagreeing with […]

Sunday = Songs + Stories

I’m thrilled to welcome long time friend of the blog, writer, blogger, and all round top bloke, Andy Harrod, to the blog today, to talk about a really, really cool project. Definitely my kind of thing. So, over to you Andy… “Thank you Nik for inviting me over to talk about Living Room Stories, it […]

Where I Go When I’m Not Here

It’s getting to that time of year when I should be thinking of doing round-ups of my favourite things that 2011’s brought. And I might do yet. You never know.   For now I wanted to share with you a few of the places I like to frequent online.   First up is BOOKCHASE. Sam […]

Christmas Bundles, A Reminder

Just a quickie today, folks, to remind you that I’m offering some discounted Christmas Bundles for anyone who might like a literary prezzie this year. First, is an editing bundle. In said bundle you’ll get one of my books, signed and personalised by me (just let me know which you’d like and what you’d like me to say […]

Me, on editing and writing and Knowing Looks

I’m over at the lovely Rebecca Emin’s internet home today. Rebecca was kind enough to ask me over there and also ask me a few excellent questions on writing and on being an editor, and I was all too happy to oblige. You can read it in full by having yourselves a click here. And […]