While I’m Busy

I’m rather busy at the moment, hence the distinct lack of posts here. I’m editing and teaching and not really writing as much as I should be. Anyway, I read this yesterday, what Philip Pullman had to say about the proposed closing of libraries; I think it’s well worth a read.    

Half Price

So, for well over a year I’ve been running The Story Corrective – an editing consultancy which specialises in short fiction. And things have gone very well indeed, thank you very much. A good chunk of the stories I’ve edited have gone on to be published in some great places and everyone seems to have […]

It’s hard, sometimes

Hello all! Apologies for the relative recent silence. But I have been busy. I’ve been enjoying the online flash fiction course I’m teaching. I’ve been busy with edits for The Story Corrective (watch this space for some festive offers and discounts). And I’ve had a pretty busy personal life for a change (mostly to do […]

What I Did In London

On Thursday I went to London. When I got off the train the other end, I jumped in a cab. I took a picture of Big Ben and then I checked in to my hotel to find that I was possibly in The Shining, or Doctor Who and then I hopped into another taxi and […]

A Good Song

Bringing The Family Together

I have now read Steve Stack’s ’21st Century Dodos’ and I enjoyed it so much I thought it warranted a review (go here for my original post – with author interview AND unicycling). I loved it, and I sailed through its 230 plus pages of nostalgic cap-tipping to all those once familiar objects we rarely […]