29th of September, 2006

Exactly five years ago today I posted this (which I’ll paste below).   “PUBLISHED AUTHOR Today I am a published author. It’s official. My book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? is out. I don’t feel any different. I think it’s a little like a birthday – you’re officially a year older and […]

21st Century Man – An Interview With Scott Pack, and Some Unicycling

A bit of a special one for you today, folks. Steve Stack, (otherwise known as Scott Pack – publisher extraordinaire at The Friday Project) the author of the brilliant ‘It Is Just You, Everything’s Not Shit’ has a new book out. It’s called ‘21st Century Dodos: A Collection of Endangered Objects (and Other Stuff)’  (click here […]

What I’ve Been Doing

First up – a big thank you to all who’ve popped their blog details into the previous post – I shall take a look at each and every one very soon (and if you’d like to pop yours in, go ahead – I’m all for spreading the word).   It’s been a busy few weeks […]

Would You Like Me To Read Your Blog?

Hello, hello. I hope you’re all having a marvellous week. Mine has been busy and filled with editing other people’s stories, editing my own, writing my own and other such things.   A question. Or, request, if you will. Since I’ve moved here from Blogger I don’t have an updateable blogroll, which means I’ve had […]

Talli Roland’s Brain: Revealed

I’m delighted to welcome Talli Roland back to the blog today. Talli was here a little while ago, defending Chick Lit – you can read the post here.   And as Talli’s such a top lady and author, and because her latest book has just been released on the Kindle, I thought it was about […]

Last Chance

Just a quick one today to remind you that the early bird offer of £115 for the six week Flash Fiction course I’m running at Winning Words EXPIRES TOMORROW. So, if you fancy it, get yourselves over there!

Today Reminded Me Of Good Things

Today, the weather did that thing where it knows it’s really in Autumn but decides it still likes the idea of summer and so, with some of the leaves on the trees turning orange and brown amongst the green ones, and with a breeze that’s cool and fresh and cleansing, it allows a warm sun […]

Who Would I Be…

Today sees the launch of Talli Roland‘s eBook version of ‘Watching Willow Watts’ and to celebrate she’s having one of those blog splash thingies. And the subject is Who Would You Be If You Could Be Anyone? Because Talli’s a top type of person, and because I’d like to draw your attention to her new […]

Flash Fiction Made Simple – an Online Course With Me

Starting on Monday October 3rd, I’ll be running an online how to write flash fiction course, over at Winning Words. The course will last for six weeks, and it’s called WRITING FLASH FICTION MADE SIMPLE. It’s for all abilities (though probably better suited to those who haven’t had books out). I’ve been working on the […]


This is one for those who might be new to this blog, as well as a reminder to those hardened readers who’ve been around for years (hello, I love you all), but I have, over the five years I’ve been blogging, interviewed some rather brilliant people. If you’d like to see who – there are […]