On Tuesday I put the almost finished Freaks! cover up here, saying that it was a couple of tweaks away from being the finished article. Well, my friends, those tweaks have been tweaked and I am thoroughly thrilled to present the official, finished cover, in all its wondrous and splendid glory. I love it. As well […]

Sneaky, Freaky Peek

The cover of Freaks! is almost done. And when it is done (it’s still a few minor tweaks from being the finished article) it might just look a little like this… Pretty awesome, no?

Edit To Add

Just a brief one today, as I’m up to my eyes in work. And it’s a rare plug… As you’ll possibly know I do a little bit of editing work over at The Story Corrective. I set it up to specifically help with short stories but I do, on occasion, help with longer stuff too […]

Janet Mitchell Interview

And today I bring you an interview with the very lovely and very talented Janet Mitchell, the author of the wonderful collection, ‘The Creepy Girl and Other Stories’ which, I reckon, is a bit special… Welcome to the blog, Janet. It’s a great thing to have you on here. I’ve been reading, and thoroughly enjoying, your […]

A Thing Of Great Beauty

Now, it’s no secret that I like my music. I do. It’s important and it’s brilliant and wonderful when it’s done well. And, thanks to places like Jango and Amazing Radio I’ve made a number of very cool discoveries over the past few years. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and […]

Tiny Wife, Huge Triumph

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a proof copy of Andrew Kaufman’s ‘The Tiny Wife‘ a little while ago. And folks, let me tell you, it is absolutely brilliant. A man robs a bank. But instead of making off with bags of cash he takes one thing from each of the customers […]


I’m sure I’ll blog about this in greater detail at some point in the future (I don’t want to give too much away just yet)  but, as we’ve been talking about the front cover of Freaks! this week, I thought I’d mention it a little right now. Writing and having a book published is always a collaborative process. Writers tend […]

A Musical Interlude

…because I really, really like this. Someone take me to Paris, yes…?

This Country

I’m not the sort of person who jabbers on about what this country has come to, or anything like that. For what it’s worth, I think we live in a pretty cool place, with, mostly, great people. And there’s a brilliant mix of people, of different religions, political views, sexual orientation, colour, race et al; […]