The Virgin Suicides

It’s not often a film adaption of a book is as good as the book that inspired it, but The Virgin Suicides is. The movie captures the mood of the book perfectly. Both get 5 stars from me. I’d recommend them both, very highly indeed.

Thanks + Someone Else’s Story

First of all – a big thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes. Between here and Twitter and Facebook and email and the telephone, I received a lot – far more than I could have expected. So, yeah – thank you all, very, very much. *** And back to writing things. I meant […]

Happy Birthday To Me

I am now thirty. And I have been listening to this a lot. That is all.

30 – 1 day

Tomorrow, I turn thirty. And, yes – haven’t I done well in not moaning about it? I’ve surprised even myself. And I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I should say here to mark the event which, to me, is quite a big one. I could talk about my highs and lows […]

On Taking Things For Granted: A Suggestion

I’ve been thinking a lot over these past few days about the decision to cut the number of short stories broadcast on Radio 4 from three a week to one. Obviously, it’s not a great thing. But there must be some sort of reasoning behind the decision. And this is what I think. Much has […]

Essie Fox Interview

Another day, another interview. I’ve known (virtually) Essie Fox for a good old while now, and I can tell you she’s very lovely indeed (her blog’s cool too). What’s more, her debut novel, The Somnambulist  (Orion) is out now and it sounds brilliant. So it’s a real pleasure to have her here today, to talk […]

Rowan Coleman Interview

It’s been AGES since I’ve interviewed anyone on here, mostly down to being too busy doing other things (like being interviewed myself, or writing, or editing. The list goes on…) but that changes today. So, without further ado, let’s chat with splendid novelist (and better mathematician than me) Rowan Coleman, shall we… Rowan, welcome! It’s […]


So, it’s a little before half past eleven on an evening which has followed a decidedly grey and rainy day. In a moment or two I’ll turn off my computer. And the reason for this? I have been catching up with everything I didn’t get to do over the past fortnight, when I was ill […]

Virtually Me

I’ve just been tinkering with my website (only minor tweaks, here is still the best place to come to for news) and thought, while I was thinking of it, that now would be a reasonably good time to mention on here my other online hang outs. If you’re interested in joining me at any of […]

Nice Mention

It was nice to see Not So Perfect being mentioned by Rowan Coleman in an interview yesterday. Rowan, will be on here talking to me very soon. Have a top weekend, one and all.