Happy, Sad

So, earlier today I met up with the lovely Caroline Smailes to run through the first lot of edits for Freaks!. Thankfully, there wasn’t all that much to do, but what we needed to do, we did. We changed some words, we re-jigged the story order slightly – that kind of thing. And I’ve just, this […]

For Lovers Of Small Handbags

Thrilled to see the lovely WritersLittleHelper’s review of Not So Perfect on her blog today. Big thanks to her, and to Dan Powell whose blog she won the copy from. She said ‘In a few carefully chosen words, Perring can make the reader care for a character who vomits lemurs.‘ which made me smile and […]


Yes, that thing up there is new. I made it in an attempt to give things a bit more colour around here. Do let me know what you think, good or otherwise. (And, I must give a nod to the very talented Derry Dillon for the Celt illustration, who drew it for the cover of […]

My Current Favourite Song

I actually think that if the euphoria and excitement of new found love was a sound, this would be it.

Good News

Well, my break went well in case you were wondering. I’ve had a few days off of doing nothing (other than recharging) and that may well continue for a little while. Apologies to those still waiting for things from me – I AM  on it. But I wasn’t ONLY doing nothing. Nope. No siree. There […]


It seems like an awfully long time since I posted anything kind of personal on here, and for that I apologise; it’s mainly been I’m reading here, or I’m interviewed there, and whatnot, and while that has a chance of being interesting (I certainly hope it does), it can get a bit samey. It’s certainly […]

One Year Ago Today

I was getting ready to do this. Yep, I launched Not So Perfect this time last year. It has FLOWN! And it has, mostly, been a great twelve months. I wanted to take the time here to thank everyone who’s bought a copy, everyone who’s taken the time to review it (feel free to continue, […]