The Edge Hill Prize Long List

Well, that was a nice surprise – finding out earlier that Not So Perfect has made it onto the Edge Hill Prize’s long list. Yes, very cool indeed. And I’m in some great company, as you’ll see. The site says:‘The unique accolade, now in its fifth year, is the UK’s only literary award that recognises […]

Babies, Be Kind

Quick post here (I’m actually busy writing, writing, writing) – being a user and fan of Twitter, a fan of Charlie Brooker and someone who finds bullying in any form disgusting, I thought this article was brilliant. Go. Read. And babies, be kind.


I thought this post from Alison Bacon was most interesting and well worth recommending; it’s about Not So Perfect’s format which is something that’s been often mentioned but not really in this much detail. Interesting indeed. And pleasing. (And I must say that full credit absolutely must go to the wondrous Roast Books for that […]

Guest Post – Talli Roland: In Defence of Chicklit

Another day, another guest post. I know, I’m so good to you! But only because you’re good to me. Thanks SO much to everyone who’s sent me nice things about my next book (see previous post). So, over to the very lovely and very talented Talli Roland who, today, is in defence of Chicklit (which is […]

The Next Book: ‘FREAKS!’

The other day I signed the contract for my next book, and that’s something that never gets old, believe me. And that means that I’m finally able to tell you what it is. I am delighted to say that ‘FREAKS!’ – a collection of short, short stories, co-written with the incredibly talented and very lovely […]

Guest Post – from Editor and Children’s Author Gary Smailes

I’m thrilled to welcome super talented editor AND author Gary Smailes back to the blog today (you can see our first chat here), to talk about his new series, BattleBooks and what lessons he’s learned from writing them. Over to you, Gary… 3 Writing Lessons BattleBooks Taught Me And How They Can Help You I […]


A huge thanks to all who helped celebrate my blog’s 1,000th post earlier in the week. It was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Thanks as well to all who recommended blogs – my google reader list has grown considerably. I especially loved this one, belonging to Katie Sokoler (watch the video and enjoy the […]


I’m over at the very lovely Dolly’s place today, talking about editing. I’ll be making the draw for the winners of signed copies of my books later – there’s still chance to enter should you want to. Here are the details.

Guest Post – Helping Young Cancer Sufferers

Before we begin – just a note to say the 1000th blog post celebration is going here, so, you know, have a look if you fancy winning cool stuff. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow evening. Or Saturday. We’ll see. *** I’m delighted to hand the blog over to Katie Saxon today. What she’s doing is […]


So, we’re here. Finally. This is blog post number 1000! (I warn you now, this post is a big one. But only because of all the free and discounted stuff I’m giving away!) First off, thanks to all who’ve dropped by here to read, and an extra special thanks to those who’ve come back. I […]