A Week Of Firsts (and we’re into the top 5)

Yes, that’s right. Five posts to go before the big 1000 here. Watch this space. Cool stuff is being planned. And free stuff, which is probably better. *** So, the firsts. Last night I stayed up and I watched The Oscars. I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed and underwhelmed. It simply didn’t seem […]

An Interesting Thing Happened Last Night

Yesterday evening I met up with a friend of mine and his wife (who, I should say, is also a friend). My friend is a writer (of non-fic, but that’s kind of irrelevant) and I got to see what happens to me SO often happen to him; I got to be an observer. It made for […]


I am a little bit in love with this at the moment. I think it’s fab. And I like sharing. Enjoy! (7 to go…)

8 To Go

So. Only eight posts to go before I hit the 1,000 post mark. Wowsers. And I think I know what I’ll do to celebrate. More of that closer to the time, though you can rest assured that it’ll be pretty good. There will be discounts, there will be give aways, there will be signed books […]

My Friend’s In a Huff

How cool is this? My friend, the very talented, Harry Oliver is in The Huffington Post today, talking about one of his books and the origins of expressions. It’s rather interesting stuff. Go see. And more of Harry’s books here. (9 posts to go…)

Things Like This Make Me Happy

I am a big believer in sharing. I like the idea of sharing good stuff, of helping to spread the good word of good literature. That kind of thing. And I try to do it on here, as much as I can. (This blog isn’t always only about me, I hope!) That’s why seeing this […]

If You’re Alone Today, It’s All Right

(11 to go…)

V Day

So, it’s that day when greetings cards companies are about as happy as they get. Oh yeah, and people talk about, and celebrate, that crazy little thing called love. Which is no bad thing. It makes the world go ’round after all, doesn’t it? Now, anyone who’s read my stories or my books may have […]

Your Suggestions Please

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, I noticed that I’m not too far off the 1000th entry here, on the blog.When I started it (to babble on about this book) in 2006 I think I kind of hoped I’d still have something to say a few posts/years down the line. And I’m very, very lucky because […]

Nearly 1000

I’ve just noticed that in fourteen more posts I’ll have hit 1000. Which is a lot. Any idea on how we can celebrate? Come on, let’s have some suggestions…