The Music of Strange Old Me

Right, something a little different today. Today you get a glimpse into the nonsensical mind of yours truly. I apologise in advance. So, last night I was lying in my bed, as I’m wont to do. And, as I wasn’t asleep, I whacked the iPod on shuffle and just listened. And as the songs came on […]

This is a Good Idea

There was a period last year when, for various reasons, I kind of fell out of love with short stories. I think mostly, that I’d been thinking about them so much over the past few years that I needed to take a break from them. Anyhoo – the love has returned. Which is lucky cos […]


So, it’s 2011. Happy new year, folks. Here’s hoping this is the start of something good. I hope you all had a very splendid holiday period. I enjoyed mine. I did very little. I allowed myself to relax and to not work and it’s helped. I’m feeling better, fresher, more me – and that’s important […]