And We’re Off

Just a quick one to let you know that submissions for my week of reading for Smokelong Quarterly are open. So, send me something brilliant please. Before next Monday. And whoever’s story I choose gets a copy of Not So Perfect. What’s not to like? And as a brief aside – please could you not tell […]

Editing for Smokelong

Next week, for one week starting Monday, I’ll be the guest editor over at the wonderful Smokelong Quarterly. It is an honour. Smokelong has been about my favourite place for short fiction for a good few years. The stories they publish are consistently brilliant and interesting. It’s a quality place. I can still remember how […]

Stories + Moving Pictures

I’m a pretty big fan of stories. This should not surprise you, I know. And I don’t only mean written ones. Stories are everywhere: in life, on the streets of towns and cities and in people’s houses and heads; they’re in films and on radio and just about everywhere. And that’s exciting. Mostly, because a […]

Him And His Shorts

Rather thrilled to be mentioned here. And mentioned in the same sentence as Murakami no less. Cripes. (I’m just looking forward to him reading Aimee Bender.) (And, nope, no word from Jaymay. Yet…)

Romance Isn’t Dead

Confession/Disclaimer: I am a little bit in love with Jaymay.* I have been listening to, and loving, her music for a little while now and I think I know why (her album’s here by the way – I would recommend it highly). Sometimes art simply works. But I think it rarely (if ever) works without […]

Well, That Was a Pain

My laptop died the other day. To be honest, it’d been on its last legs for a while so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise (must say that it lasted longer than most I’ve had – almost two years). But it broke. And that kinda messed up my week. Mostly, because I couldn’t work. […]

Link: Bargain

So, last night I snuggled up with Magic For Beginners, by Kelly Link. From what I’ve read it’s something rather special. For the first time in ages I was able to read a story for what it is (something marvellous), and not get side-tracked by bullshit (I seem to have been side-tracked by bullshit a […]

Looking For Mushy Peas

Not much to report here, really. So here’s some more music. It’s about take-away food. And music. You gotta love the words.

A Musical Interlude

I’ve been listening to The Wildhearts a lot recently. I used to listen to them an awful lot when I was younger. Their (brilliant) album PHUQ was rarely out of my cassette player (yes, that long ago). And listening to them again (after far too long) I’m reminded just how good and underrated they are. […]

A Book of The Year/Being Got

I think the best bit about being a writer with a book out (especially one like me) is when people get your work. And I’ve been lucky in that sense, really lucky, because that’s what people, in the main, have done. They’ve got my stories. And they’ve liked them too, mostly. Seriously, it’s a wonderful […]