Goodbye, 2010

I know I’m a little early with this, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time to blog tomorrow so I thought I’d do my end of year post now, today. And then it’s done. So, 2010, you were a funny old year. Great things happened, mostly involving Not So Perfect and Roast Books. I […]

Books I Think You Should Buy + The World Isn’t All That Bad Really

I’ve not read as many books this year as I’d have liked to. My own Not So Perfect got in the way (in a good way). Here are some favourites. I think any one could have been mybook of the year but the one that’s stayed with me the most, just, is Michael Kimball’s ‘How […]

Nice Mentions

…And a couple of nice mentions. I like being mentioned in a nice way. It’s nice. First – I was thrilled to see Not So Perfect making the Book of the Year list over at Decodingstatic. I am in pretty bloody wonderful company, I can tell you. Thank you to Andy for that.* And thanks […]

SlingInk Winner

I have finally completed the judging for the SlingInk Scribbling Slam. Six rounds of twenty(ish) stories over a couple of months. Each story receiving a paragraph or two of feedback. It’s been a slog (especially considering I’ve had to fit it in with other paid work – though I should say a very big thank […]

National Short Story Day

It’s National Short Story Day today (it almost passed me by). And to celebrate, here’s a reading of an old favourite. The Meeting by Aimee Bender. And, just so you can all see just how much better she is than me, here’s me reading one of mine for the Word Riot podcast.


A few hundred years ago, after a battle between the Scots and the English (I’m guessing it was one of those English traditions of taking things that isn’t ours) a baby was found on the battlefield. He was taken in by Scots who, as you would, wondered what to name him. A name beginning with […]

Where I’ve Been

Well now, almost a week since my last post. What can I say? I’m sorry. And what have I been doing, you might ask. And you’d be right to. So I shall tell you. Mostly, I’ve been judging. I emailed the results and feedback for the final round (the 6th) of the  SlingInk Scribbling Slam […]

Starting to Think About Reviewing The Year

It has been a funny old year, 2010. Not So Perfect came out and people liked it. I spent an awful lot of time promoting it, being interviewed and doing events and whatnot and, as a result, I’ve not spent all that much writing or reading. So, when I get round to it, in theory, […]

A Poem

When I agreed to be the fiction judge for the SlingInk Slam, I suggested to the powers that be there (ie the lovely and dedicated Kirsty) that the winners of each round (there are six of them) could be published here on my blog (you can see them here and here). While I’ve been judging […]

Snowed Under

I am very busy at the moment. Snowed under, you might say. Rest assured, folks, if you’re waiting for anything from me you’ll get it as soon as is possible. In the meantime. Isn’t this ace?