Aliya Whiteley Interview

I’ve been a long time reader and admirer of the very lovely Aliya Whiteley and I’m proper thrilled to welcome her to the blog to day to talk about her novels, writing, veggieness and jam. Amongst other things. I’m just sorry I didn’t do it sooner! Aliya! Hello! Welcome to the blog. And talking of […]

A Story For Saturday

So, a couple of days ago I received the entries for round 2 of the Sling Ink Scribbling Slam, which I’ve started to look at. I’m looking forward to reading and judging the rest – the quality of the stories I saw for the first round was excellent. And talking of round 1 and of […]

The Particular Brilliance of Lemon Cake

The Los Angeles Times said of Aimee Bender that she “…is Hemingway on an acid trip”. She’s not. She’s better than that. Anyone who’s been reading my blog for any length of time will be aware of how highly I rate Aimee Bender’s work. She’s probably my favourite writer – consistently original, consistently brilliant and consistently […]

Talking With Sue Guiney

Thrilled to welcome the very lovely, Sue Guiney to the blog today, to talk a little about her latest novel, ‘A Clash of Innocents‘. Welcome to the blog, Sue. A pleasure to have you here. So, you have a new novel out, ‘A Clash of Innocents’ – could you tell us a little about it? […]

Review and Horror Flash Comp Opp

Well that was nice and unexpected – another review of Not So Perfect, this time by Anna-Marie – a huge thank you to her. I’m very happy it’s still being read. And always happy to enchant people! *** And I just received an email from Oonah V Joslin, asking if I’d be good enough to […]

Me? Cute?

I’m over at the utterly superb Metazen today. I’m interviewed about Not So Perfect and stories and writing and where some of the stories is Not So Perfect came from. I’m quite frank, I think. This is how it begins: ‘Physical Observations: Nik Perring’s book is square. A green skinned woman sits on what seems to […]


I don’t do book reviews, as regular or long time readers will know. Not because I don’t want to mention good fiction (god know!). It’s simply because I’m not very good at them. But despite that I do, when I read something great, like to give it a mention. Which is why I’m mentioning Angela […]