Spreading The Word(s)

So, yesterday, as I do every Tuesday evening, I took my writing group. And a cool thing happened. One of the girls I teach came in waving a book I’d recommended – the brilliant Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor (I mentioned it here and interviewed Cally here). ‘Thanks for recommending this,’ she said, all […]

Uses For Not So Perfect #43 (Labour)

So, lots of people have said lots of nice things about Not So Perfect, over and above the stories in it. They’ve said they like the format because it fits easily in pockets and bags. They’ve said they like that the stories are short and can be read while waiting at traffic lights. Cool things […]

A Week Of Interviews

Well, it seems that most of my week has been spent answering questions and talking about myself and my book. And it’s been fun. Amongst other things I recorded a podcast about creativity and writing and language (and lots more) which’ll be used as part of The Creative Identity’s eCourse. And the reason I mention […]

Even More Nice Stuff

I like getting nice stuff. And it’s even better when it’s not expected. Just like, this review of Not So Perfect and mention of The Story Corrective by PinkGeckoWrites. And… This review of Not So Perfect by We Be Reading. There. Lovely. Thank you.

Good Stuff

Lots of nice (me) stuff to point you towards today. First up, the terrific Short Review have reviewed Not So Perfect, which, unsurprisingly, made me very happy. You can read that here. There’s also an interview they did with me a little while ago, which is here. *** There’s another lovely review of Not So […]

Tom Vowler Interview

It’s a huge pleasure to welcome fellow short story writer, Tom Vowler, to the blog today, ahead of the release of  ‘The Method and Other Stories‘, due to be published by Salt on November 1st. Hi Tom. Welcome to the blog. It’s a pleasure to have you here. So. Your short story collection, The Method […]


Hello. You still here? I know, I’ve been quiet and I apologise. And what have I been doing? Well, writing, mostly. And meeting up with nice people. Seriously, that can make such a difference. I guess that’s down to spending so much time alone, writing. So, thank you nice people. What else? Well, I’ve been […]

Birthday Giveaway

Another brief post today I’m afraid. I’d like to wish the lovely Steph a very happy birthday and direct you over to her place where she’s having a rather splendid giveaway (including a copy of Not So Perfect). Happy birthday, Steph!