A Little Bird Told Me that No Bookmarks Are Required

A little while ago I invited top writer/teacher/publisher chap, Nicholas Royle to come on the blog and say a little about Nightjar Press, the small press he runs which publishes individual short stories as chapbooks (an idea that I think is just brilliant). And, top chap that he is, he agreed. So here’s what he […]

You’ve Got To Be Kind

I love this. More here.

Sling Ink + Stuff

So, a good portion of the weekend was spent reading through the entries for the first round of the SlingInk Scribbling Slam. Lots of short story goodness, I can tell you. What impressed me, as well as the quality of the stories, was the range of them. Some of them had been written to prompts […]

D J Kirkby Interview

I am thrilled to welcome D J Kirkby to the blog to talk a little about ‘Without Alice’ her novel. (This was actually scheduled to go up tomorrow (Sunday) but, as I’m not sure I’ll have time to post it then, I’m popping it here.) Hi DJ! Welcome to the blog. So, ‘Without Alice’ – […]

What I’ve Been Doing

It seems that I’ve been pretty naff with this blog over the past few weeks. I offer no excuses,but I do offer my sincerest apologies. I’m sure you’ve all missed me like, err, well – something you don’t miss all that much. But I have been busy. And I thought it only right and proper […]

Answering Questions

Apologies again for such a tiny post – I’m busy editing and judging and being interviewed. I will do a proper post soon. Promise. Thank you for bearing with me. In the meantime… Here’s me talking to Tomlit magazine about stories and writing and stuff.

Quick Links

Very brief post again, I’m afraid (I’m rather busy). But I wanted to wish Tom Vowler the best of luck, as he’s launching his book today. And I wanted to point you in the direction of Kath Eastman, who’s been doing some book spreading, pirate style. More from me soon. Well, that’s the plan!

Oh Kay

Just a quick post today. I am relaxing. Of sorts… Thrilled to see what the ever-interesting (and lovely) Kay Sexton has done with my spread the word meme thingy.You can see it, and be impressed, by clicking here. *** And I was rather pleased to receive Tom Vowler’s collection in the post this morning. Looking […]


First – a huge thanks to Tom Vowler for saying some rather nice things about Not So Perfect here. (You can read me interviewing Tom about his own short story collection, The Method and Other Stories here.) *** And even more people are recommending books. And that makes me happy. The splendidly princessy and wonderful […]

People Are Recommending Books

Hooray and hurrah and joy! I’m pleased to report that after yesterday’s post about spreading the word of good books a) it turns out that people do read what I write hear! and b) that some have done something about it. Benjamin Judge recommends some here. Rachel Carter recommends some here (and there’s ME, in […]