Talking Pens

As you’ll no doubt be aware, I’m quite the fan of fountain pens, especially ones made by Pelikan. These were the ones I used to write Not So Perfect with. So I thought it might be a nice idea to invite someone who knows a thing or two about Pelikan pens on here for a […]

Not So Perfect Holiday Reading

Thanks to Annie and The Short Review for mentioning Not So Perfect in their recommended holiday reading section. The full list’s here. Right. Back to reading/relaxing for me.


Big thanks to the very lovely Keris (whose book, ‘Della Says: OMG’ can be seen here) for reviewing Not So Perfect. She says ‘My favourite was Two Old Women Birdwatching in My Garden, which just made me happy. In fact, many of the stories made me smile. And many of them just left me kind […]

What Makes You Smile?

I was asked, earlier, if I’d mind mentioning The Science Museum’s latest project, Who Am I?, and, as I thought it was a really interesting project I agreed. You can see all the details here, or on their Facebook page, and they’re on Twitter here. So what do you need to do? Either leave a […]

One Of Those Days

So, today’s been my birthday. Twenty-nine. Wow. And I’m left wondering where all that time went, who took it, and what I’ve done and/or not done and what I should do now. I think I’m going to set some goals, or something. And what I’ve been thinking about, more than anything, is that I’d rather […]

Aimee Bender Interview

So. How do you write an introduction for an interview you’ve done with someone who you regard as the best writer alive today? Maybe you say something like, this person’s books are my favourite. Or, this person’s stories are the ones I’ve re-read the most often and enjoyed a huge amount every time. Maybe you […]

Foxy. And my 5 Favourite Stories

I’m delighted to be over at the fabulous Vulpes Libris today, talking about short stories and about my book. It’s, perhaps, the meatiest interview I’ve given and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it – even though Rosy’s questions, occasionally, made my brain hurt. I’ve also listed my five favourite short stories. One of them’s the wonderful […]

A Whole Load of Amy Spurling Goodness

So, the last book that the wonderful Roast Books released was a pretty brilliant one. I know. I would say that because it’s mine. But what have they followed it up with is the question? And the answer is ‘My Soviet Kitchen’ which is described as Neo-ckicklit. With a darker side, a vodka twist and […]

Congratulations and Winners and The Universe and Stuff

Big congratulations to Clare Wallais, who won the signed copy of Andy Duggan’s Scars Beneath the Skin. And to Valerie O’Riordan, for winning this year’s Bristol Short Story Prize. All pretty wonderful stuff, I’d say. It’s good to see good people getting what they deserve. *** As for me, I’ve had a weekend of not […]

Mary Miller Interview

I read ‘Big World’ around about this time last year and I utterly loved it. It’s up there with my favourite short story collections of all time. It’s one of The Incredibles. When I listed, in an interview for the terrific Vulpes Libris, my five favourite short stories ‘Temp’ from ‘Big World’ was one of […]