A Long List

Well, hasn’t it been hot? I hope you’ve all been enjoying this must unseasonal appearance of the sun. And while it’s been doing its thing, I’ve been in my office cooking/working – the results of which I hope to be able to share with you all soon. Until then, you can have a look at […]

My Publisher Talks

Just a brief one today as I’m really rather busy. Faye, from Roast Books – my wonderful, brilliant and awesome publisher, is interviewed by the fab Vulpes Libris here. It’s a good one. Have yourselves a look.

On Learning, Listening and Talking

Well that was quite a weekend. I got a couple of crappy emails and got stressed but all’s well now, I think. The coolest part(s) of the weekend though was being reminded just how much I enjoy learning stuff, and also realising that I have some very clever friends (who seem happy to put up […]

Hive Time

It’s rather nice to be blogging about someone else’s cool stuff, instead of my own booky bits and bobs for a change (I like celebrating nice people who are brilliant and are doing brilliant things). So, if I may, can I point you in direction of the brilliant, and lovely, Caroline Smailes’ Hive page please? […]

Good News

Very happy to see that the second print run of Not So Perfect has happened. It means that it’s In Stock in places which means that, should you want to, you can buy it. Or tell others to. If you should want to of course. (I’d point non UK people here as it offers free […]

I Won’t Cry Over Spilled Ink

First off – I talk to the lovely Clare Wallais, at her blog, about writing, rejections, cats, the UK short story market and who, out of Not So Perfect, I’d like to spend an evening with. It was a really fun interview to do – thanks, Clare! *** And thanks too to the equally lovely, […]

My Thoughts On Things

Hello. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that it wasn’t spoiled by the trauma of the apparent death of Amy Pond. Like mine was. I very much hope she pulls through. Or that Rory’s gun thingumy was a dud. (I was going to say firing blanks, but thought better of it.) *** […]

Talli Time

Just a brief one today, I’m afraid, to say that I’ve been interviewed by the fab Talli Roland,about donuts and my writing journey here. More soon, I hope!

You Rang…

In a world first (for me) I’m taking part in a conference call live interview over at Winning Words, at 8pm GMT on Wednesday June 23rd. I will be answering questions and reading from Not So Perfect. Full details of how you can take part here. It’d be lovely to hear from you. *** I […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

First up – big thanks to Decoding Static for a brilliant review of Not So Perfect here, and for interviewing me about it, and writing, and passive sponges here. *** It’s been a funny few days for me. I’m not going to say what exactly, but there have been a few things that have happened […]