It’s been a mixed couple of days to be honest. I’ve been a bit under the weather (amongst other things) but seeing what Sara Crowley said about Not So Perfect yesterday cheered me up no end, mostly because I love her work. And then I noticed that I’d made it onto the top ten books […]

Me, talking to Vanessa

Vanessa Gebbie, as well as being a wonderful writer and teacher of writing and competition winner and judge, is a friend. She also said nice things about my book. When I asked her if she’d endorse it she said this: ‘Nik Perring’s many gifts as a writer include a rich imagination and a quirky sense […]

Morris Dancing Competition

The Pygmy Giant (who published Pieces of Us a little while ago) are running a competition, and the prize is a copy of Not So Perfect. All you have to do is write a story (less than 800 words) which contains the words ‘Morris Dance’, ‘May Pole’ and ‘Chester le Street’. Good luck. Details here.And […]

The Winner and More To Make Me Happy

Thanks to all who entered the draw for a free copy of Like Bees To Honey by Caroline Smailes. The names were put into the trusty Clipper tea tin, shaken a lot and then I picked one out. I did not peek. And the lucky winner is: LovelyTreez Could you let me have your address […]

Best Ever

It is no secret that I’m possibly the world’s biggest Aimee Bender fan. And it’s no secret that she’s responsible in a huge way for the way I write what I write now. And I’ve just found this. Her reading one of my all time favourite stories, ‘The Meeting’. I can’t tell you how much […]

A Special Day Giveaway!

I’m sending huge congratulations to Caroline Smailes because her third novel (which I’m loving!) ‘Like Bees To Honey’ is published today! Hooray! And to celebrate I’m giving a copy away (not mine, you understand!). All you have to do is leave a comment saying ‘pick me’ or something similar. And while you’re at it, why […]

Flash Clash Day 2

It’s been a funny old day. A bit of a slower pace and to be honest it’s not been all that good. I’ll not bore you with the details but I’m a little cross. But. It’s the second day of RobAroundBooks’ Flash Clash and I’m still doing well, and that’s cheered me up. He’s said […]

The Flash Clash Begins

Top bloke Rob from RobAroundBooks has officially started his Flash Clash challenge. He’ll be reading Not So Perfect alongside one of (the master) Etgar Keret’s, David Gaffney’s and Alex Burrett’s books and rating them as he goes. I think it such a brilliant idea. And a little terrifying. (As I said to Adnan Mahmutovic on my […]


I notice another review of Not So Perfect has sneaked up on Amazon. And it’s another good one which is both thrilling and a relief. H. Kara says that ‘Nik Perring has a well-developed imagination and he is not afraid to use it.’ and that ‘Nik Perring has a delightfully wry sense of humour, a […]

Thank You

I’ve just noticed that, further to yesterday’s unexpected and really, really wonderful review, Jen has posted her thoughts of Not So Perfect on amazon. She says ‘If you’ve never been sure about short stories, this collection will make you an addict‘. And I don’t think compliments come much better than that.***And I wanted to say […]