Things and Stuff

Let’s have a bit of a round-up of things and stuff that have happened over this past week or so. It’s been a busy one, and one that, for the past few days, has been hampered by an ugly hay-fever/cold situation. Where to begin? How about here: My wonderful publisher, Roast Books, has added a […]

Words of A Devine Writer – Top Ten Implicit or Explicit Writing Tips

I was lucky enough, a little while ago, to get sent a copy of the mysterious Andy Devine’s latest, Words. I ate it up. I loved it. But, because it’s so new and fresh and different, it’s not the easiest book to describe. That won’t stop be trying though. It’s made up of a number […]

Polly Scattergood Interview

Way back in December I read this interview with Polly Scattergood over at the Decoding Static blog. Intrigued I popped Polly’s name into Last FM and I loved what it came up with. I bought her album and there’s hardly been a day when I don’t listen to it. It’s wonderful. You can have a […]

NEWS FLASH: Not So Perfect

So. Here it is. This is the announcement. Above is the cover of my new book, my first collection. It’s called Not So Perfect and I’m really, really, really excited about it. The book itself, because it’s published by Roast Books, will be a little bit different. Beautifully different. It’s going to be square. A […]

Why I Spent Most of This Afternoon On My Hands And Knees

Do you know what? It’s just been one of those days. I’d just written the longest blog post I’d done in ages (about losing things, about spring cleaning, about what I’d found, about Dr Who, about Caroline Smailes’ terrific interview with Jon Mayhew, and a whole bunch of other stuff) and I’ve just gone and deleted […]

Utterly and Wonderfully Amazing (and sorry, but you might cry)

A friend of mine is working in Nigeria and she’s just sent me some incredible photos of the wildlife there. And it reminded me of the best wildlife documentary I’ve ever seen, The Eye Of The Leopard, which in turn reminded me of the best bit from it: Lagadema, a maturing leopard cub has killed […]

I Love This For So Many Reasons

It’s a short film by Spike Jonze called I Am Here. And it represents pretty much everything I love about fiction and pretty much what I try to do with mine. Weird situations that seem so normal. Excellent characters. A bit of magic and a heap of real sadness. This feels so real. Watch it. […]

Influences. I’m Sorry. Thank You.

I couldn’t not mention Malcolm McLaren’s death here. I can’t talk as eloquently about him as most other people can (one of the best things I’ve seen is that over at The Guardian and what Alan McGee said here) but I do want to say something. I think I want to thank him. Not only for […]

Emails, emails, emails

Do you know, I’m sure I’m programmed to only delete/archive email messages on certain days. Like, once a month. I’ve spent most of the day trying to get up to date with things and I’m happy to say I’m pretty much there. Hooray. But amongst all the Important and starred emails there’s just so much […]

And The Winners Are (take 2)

So, I’ve not heard a dickie bird from either Rhoda or Katherine so I have put my hand back into the tin. And that hand pulled out Sam and LM118. Congratulations to you both. Could you either DM me your addresses or email them to me here pleaseso we can get your signed copies of […]