WASTED – Nicola Morgan

I’m thrilled to welcome back the lovely and talented Nicola Morgan. Today she talks about how writing books is quite similar to sky-diving. Her latest is called Wasted and you can buy it here. And the book even has its own blog here. Not Sky-Diving But Writing by Nicola Morgan It’s fair to say that […]


So, yesterday I mentioned that there are illustrations in Not So Perfect. And there are, there’s one for every story. So, today, I thought it might be a nice idea to share a couple here. There are more on my Facebook fan page. *** And do pop back tomorrow when I’ll be hosting the first […]

Sneak Peek

Look what the postman brought me: Bit of a looker, isn’t it? And yes, it is illustrated. Rather beautifully if you ask me. And it is available to pre-order from any good book retailer, including The Big Green Bookshop, The Book Depository and Amazon.

Talking music

Yesterday it was all about Talking: Books on here, and today it’s all about music. I’m over at the always brilliant 3 :AM magazine taking about Emmy the Great, Polly Scattergood, Suede, Mariee Sioux and David Bowie. Pop across. Have a nosy. So, what are the last five songs you listened to?

Talking: Books

Over these past few weeks I, along with Caroline Smailes and Jon Mayhew, have been forming a plan. A plan for a series of events. Events that will be relaxed, informal and fun. We wanted them to be accessible and informative. So what will you get if you come along to one of these events? […]

A Week Of Broken Things

Well, it’s certainly been one of those weeks. First my iPod decided it couldn’t be arsed talking to my computer and refused to be fixed by any of the suggestions on Apple’s wonderfully helpful site (I say wonderfully helpful because all of the suggestions take bloody hours to do and have been bugger all use). […]


So, as I said before, on Tuesday my writing group, along with photographer Katherine Elizabeth Lewis, handed over a cheque for the £200 we’d raised through sales of our 20 Photos 20 Stories book to Jo from the Alzheimer’s Society. And here’s what it looked like: From left to right: Jenny Martin, Sandy Milsom, Karen […]

Mining Memories

Now, this is cool. One of the people I teach at my writing group, the lovely and talented Jenny Martin, has put together a collection of poems, Mining Memories, for the benefit of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. And last night she was able to show us the finished product. It’s been printed and whatnot by […]

My New Favourite Song

It’s just gorgeous. And the words. Wowsers. I’ve bought Emmy The Great‘s record and shall be giving it a listen very soon. You can listen to the album version here.

Big Moments

I’ll tell you what this post was going to be about. It was going to be about the presentation of the cheque for £200 my writing group, and authors and poets, and Katherine Elizabeth Lewis had raised for The Alzheimer’s Society. And it was going to be about my Doctor Who suit. You see, I […]