I’d Like To Draw Your Attention To

Firstly, Madras Press. I mentioned them here a little while ago and I love what they’re doing. I love that (like the wonderful Roast Books) they make sure their books are as good on the outside as they are on the inside. I like that they donate some of  their proceeds to charity. And I […]

Blogger Award

Well now, that was nice. The lovely Dolly has given me a Creative Writer Blogger Award. Thank you very much Dolly. And now I have to list six fibs and one truth. Feel free to guess which is which. 1. I can’t stand onions.2. I have read a lot of Dickens.3. I once wrote a […]

Baroque and Roll

Nothing to do with writing I’m afraid. Just something that’s interested me that I thought I’d share. I’m partial to a bit of Baroque music every so often, and while searching on youtube for what I’ve been listening to of late (Fux, Handel and Gallo mostly) I happened upon this. And, I tell you, if […]

More on That Book About Publishing For the Kindle

What book would that be, you might ask? This one, I would tell you. It’s not out for a little while yet but if you’re interested in publishing for the Kindle or even just how the whole thing works I’d recommend getting a copy. It is thorough and informative and explains (in a way that […]

More Short Story Advice

There’s a pretty fantastic post up at the wonderful Nicola Morgan’s blog (read me interviewing her here) about short stories. I’m in it. So is Sally Zigmond. And Vanessa Gebbie. Click here to read (and yes, I did feel like the odd one out – in a nice way; that was very lovely company to […]


Congratulations to all of those on the Sunday Times Short Story Award long-list.

Kindle/ eReader Thoughts

I was asked by Cynthia Reeser, a little while ago, if I’d like to contribute to a book she’s writing on how to publish for the Kindle. Of course I said yes, and I wrote a little something about what I thought about eBooks and, mostly, what I thought the publishers and manufacturers need to […]

Busy, Busy

It’s been a busy week (or three) and to be honest I’m surprised I’ve found as much time to blog as I have. There’s lots to tell you about, and tell you I will soon. In the meantime. A couple of links. The fab folk over at Flash Fiction Chronicles have reprinted my short story […]

This is worth a look

The brill Sally Quillford interviews the utterly lovely Kate Long about her new book, A Mother’s Guide to Cheating. You can read it here. And there’s a rather fabulous competition with a signed copy as the prize. Go on, have a look.


Firstly… This came in the post today. It is very beautiful. And someone from the publishers has written my name on the inside so it’s clear who the copy belongs to. And while I’m talking about the publishers (Madras Press), you might want to check them out; individually bound short stories and novellas; proceeds going […]