This Makes Me Very, Very Happy

I first ‘met’ Anne Brooke on a writing forum, many many years ago. She was helpful to me, a virtual newbie, and she was friendly and generous with her advice. And I admired her writing (still do). She’s good. She’s brave, in both what she writes and how she publishes; she’s been down the route […]

Write Words

Really this is a message to my write words friends. I seem to have let my subscription lapse and probably won’t be renewing it for a while. But I wouldn’t want you thinking I’d just buggered off without saying anything. So to all my friends there, thanks so much for your help, advice and support […]

Of All The eBook Readers I’ve seen

…I think this one, the BeBook Neo, looks the most attractive. Not that I’m thinking of getting one. Just saying.

My Thoughts On the iPad

Potentially the release of Apple’s iPad (as we now know it’s called) could have a huge impact on the way books are sold and read. That was the word on the street. So at 6pm last night I tuned in to a live stream and a live blog (- click for pics) of the launch event. […]

The Short Story According To Nik

I am not an expert on short stories. I’m not an expert on anything to be honest. But I am a short story writer, one who’s been published in some fairly spiffing places, and one who teaches writing every so often. It occurred to me earlier that I don’t really give any advice here, so […]

How I Write

I’m over at Teresa Stenson’s blog today, talking to her, as part of of her series, about how I write. Click here to read. Must admit, I really enjoyed both thinking about the process and writing about it. Top questions, Teresa. Thank you.

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There’s not much time left but you could still help.

Interview with The Bristol Short Story Prize

I’m delighted to welcome Joe Melia, the main coordinator of The Bristol Short Story Prize, to the blog for a chat about the prize and short stories. What a treat. Enjoy! Welcome to the blog, Joe. So, tell us about The Bristol Short Story Prize. Many thanks the invite, it’s a real pleasure to be […]


And while I’m thinking about Kurt Vonnegut – how amazing does this short film (based on his awesome short story Harrison Bergeron) look? Can’t wait to see it. Seriously. (I first read the story in his collection, Welcome to The Monkey House – which is brilliant.) Incidentally, if you google the story’s title there’s a PDF […]


Mid way through last year I started working on a story. It had a definite style, a definite voice which was different, a kind of extension, of how I’d been writing before. And I liked it, it was good. But I stopped. I got stuck. Couldn’t figure out where to go and went on to […]