A lot can change in ten years. Hell, a lot can change in a year. And believe me, it has. This is me. Ten years ago to the day. Eighteen years old. At my friend’s girlfriend’s house. My best friend and I were rather proud of sorting out the drink and food, hence the picture. […]

Crazy Glue

Those regular vistors among you will know how much of a fan of Etgar Keret’s work I am; a lot of things have changed this year but that certainly hasn’t. Last year I signed off with a video of his (I’m still dying to see the film) and I see no reason why this year […]

And Yet Another Story Shape

This time from the very lovely Annie Clarkson. Hope everyone’s had a lovely time over the hols and that no-one’s been suffering with the cough and cold I’ve had.

Happy Hols

Thanks for being with me this year, folks, you’ve been terrific company. I’d like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and peaceful time over the hols. Have fun. *** Oh and I just finished reading The Suicide Shop; best described as a futuristic French Addams Family. Quirky and funny and well […]

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

It’s a shame I’ve already listed my books of the year because The Elegance of The Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery would certainly have featured in it. (It’ll have to go into next year’s list.) It’s a remarkable book. Translated expertly from French it tells the story of two people who live in a swanky Parisian […]


It would have been around about this time last year when my then girlfriend and I were having dinner at some place up in the hills and we got to talking about what we wanted to do the following year. It was exciting. It was going to be a year of Doing Things. Of going […]

I Like This Song

It’s by Polly Scattergood and her myspace page is here. And I should really mention Andy here, because it was through his blog that I discovered her. He interviews Polly here.

A Quick Celebration

Because I’m off to teach my writing group shortly. But today marks the 30th anniversary of The Clash’s London Calling, which I couldn’t possibly have left unmentioned. 

Another Shape

The lovely Jen is the latest to offer a story shape (with a cat thrown in for free) – have yourselves a look here.

Book of the Year 2009

Right. I’ve thought long and I’ve thought hard about this. I even went back to some of the books listed yesterday and dipped into them for a reminder, in case I’d missed something.   And I have come to my decision.   Here are my top 3 books of the year.         […]