Christmas Gift Ideas – Crap MPs

I might turn this Christmas gift ideas into a bit of a series yet. Crap MPs is, as The Book Depository says, ‘a countdown of the 40 worst Members of Parliament in British political history’ and I don’t think I could really better that description. It’s fun, wry and informative and would be the perfect […]

An Interview With Me

The lovely Michelle interviewed me, a little while ago, for her series on writers who’ve given up their day jobs. To see what I had to say for myself click here.

Welcoming December

Well, it’s December next week, and that makes me happy. And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with christmas or anything like that (though I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to christmas day because Doctor Who’s on). It makes me happy because it means that this year’s almost over. On a personal level a […]

The Shape of Stories

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the shape of stories. And, after a conversation on Twitter last night, I decided to have a go at putting the shape of one of my stories into an image. This is what I came up with. A challenge: what would yours be? What shape are you?

Two Things, Neither of Which Are Crap

I wasn’t going to blog today because I didn’t really have anything to say – I’ve been editing, I’ve been writing and that’s about it. But I wanted to share this with you. Isn’t it good? Especially Animal’s bit. *** I received my copy of Crap MPs earlier (I won it on the brilliant Caroline’s […]

A Great Little Interview – Roast Books

It’s a great pleasure to welcome the founder of the brilliant Roast Books, Faye Dayan, to the blog today because I really love what she’s doing. So here she is, talking about her publishing company, short fiction, the sea-side and the ingredients of good stories. Welcome to the blog Faye, it’s a real pleasure to […]

The Indelicates’ Words – An Interview

Something a little different on the blog today. I’ve been listening to The Indelicates rather a lot of late (check them out folks, they’re worth it)so it’s with a huge amount of pleasure that I’m able to welcome half oftheir writing team, Julia, to the blog. Julia has, with Simon (the otherhalf of the song […]

An Alphabetical Writing Exercise

Here’s what you do: Write a story where the first letters of each word are in alphabetical order. Here’s mine. All because Christopher didn’t expect five girls here in June Kevin lost. My natural opinion’s pretty quiet really. So the unlikely victor was x-rated yet zesty. Care to have a go and share yours? Just […]

Timeless Advice and Less Interesting Things

First up, and this is because I didn’t realise quite how eagle-eyed you splendid folks are, an apology. Yes, I posted something here yesterday and yes I took it down. Why? Mostly because it was boring.   What I said was I’d been feeling a bit lonely and sad, mostly because I’d been reading through […]

The Best and the Worst Bits of This Thing We Do

Best first: HUGE congratulations to Teresan Stenson, who’s been keeping some pretty special news to herself for a little while. The Bridport’s a pretty big deal; pop across, say well done. Brilliant. I am very happy for her. We’re in the same issue of Tomlit Quarterly – her story in that’s ace. And now the […]