Nicola Morgan – A Decidedly Un-Crabbit Interviewee

I’m delighted to welcome award winning author (we’re talking almost 100 books to her name), excellent blogger and fountain of publishing knowledge, Nicola Morgan to my blog today. It’s a genuine pleasure to have her here, though I must say that I din’t find her crabbit in the least (I’m sorry if that’s harmed your […]

Round Up

Blimey last week was a long one. And it had it all I think – fab acceptances, brilliant editors (see below) disappointing rejections, one of my favourite stories going live at a place I really love, and so on. And discovering that I’ve a medical appointment next week which makes it impossible for me to […]

Getting The Credit You Deserve

Usually when I’ve written about editors here it’s because I’ve been cross – and that’s usually because I’ve felt that they’ve taken far too long to get back to me (if at all) re the story I’ve sent them. I’ve said that I don’t think it’s fair, for instance, to expect us writers to adhere […]

A Story About Old Ladies and Birds

I have a very short (and rather strange) story over at the brilliant Metazen today. It’s called Two Old Women Birdwatching in My Garden. I hope you like it. It’s one I’m rather fond of.