I had planned to do what I did last year and write and record a story for Halloween. But I’ve been a bit ill (feeling much better now, thanks to all who sent good wishes, you’re very lovely) and very, very busy so I’ve not got round to it. So I’ll refer you to what […]

Cally Taylor Made Me Cry

I finished Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor last night. It isn’t the usual thing I’d read in that it’s a romantic comedy, but blimey, I’m glad I did. Lucy Brown dies the day before her wedding to her soulmate. In limbo she’s given the opportunity to either head on up to heaven and be […]

A.C. Tillyer Interview – An A-Z of Possible Worlds Blog Tour

An A-Z of Possible Worlds. Wow. I read this a little while ago and it’s been something that’s reminded me of how lucky I am to be a reader. It is packaged beautifully. The stories within it are simply excellent. It’s…just…great. You can read the review I did of it here. But I’m not just […]

Like Spinach, Flash Fiction is Good For You – David Gaffney Interview

I’m thrilled to welcome flash fiction writer and novelist David Gaffney to my blog today, to talk about, well, a whole manner of stuff, including why flash fiction is like cooked spinach and getting to the point of the chase. And sandwiches made by your dad. Welcome to the blog, David. You have a new […]

I Love This Book

If you’re on Twitter, as well as looking me up (@nikperring) you may also want to have a nosy at #ilovethisbook which has had a bit of a revamp today, courtesy of Scott Pack (@meandmybigmouth) – it came about a couple of weeks ago when I was wondering which books I loved enough to recommend […]

Two Things That Made Me Very Happy Happy Today

The first was an email I received. It was a review of my book by Archie Clark. It put a big old grin on my big old face. Archie said: “I Met a Roman last Night, what did you do? By Nik Perring.   Review by Archie Clark. Aged 8.   The book ‘I met […]

Tomlit on my Blog

How cool! I can embed the debut issue of Tomlit Quarterly right here on my blog. What a good idea. So here it is. I’m in there with Jessica, so I shall give her a little wave. http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swf

Gone Live

My story, Number 14, is now live over at Tomlit Quarterly.  I hope you enjoy it. It’s one for those who like Post-it notes.

Things And Stuff

I’ve had a nice weekend, which makes a pleasant change if I’m honest, in that I’ve seen people. Yes, very nice indeed. I’ve also had chance to write, which, as last week was a definite Other Writing Work Week, has also been most welcome. I’m still getting emails about my Pacifier story over at the […]

Congratulations, Cally

Ooh look. Cally Taylor’s novel, Heaven Can Wait is published today. I am very much looking forward to getting my copy. Happy P Day, Cally.