Megan Taylor thinks my blog is fabulous. Thank you Megan, yours is rather fine as well. Now, as part of accepting this lovely award I have to do meme shenanigans. Namely: List five obsessions. Megan offered 5 obsessions in her writing which I may do as well. We’ll have to see how I feel further […]

That Editor’s Ear

Sorry not to have posted here in a little while. I don’t know what came over me. I have told myself off. I wasn’t sure what I was going to post here aside from apologies and saying that I’ve been writing a lot (which I have) until, oh, about two minutes ago. It’s about editing. […]

Your Questions Answered

Okay then. Let’s see. Last week I asked if there was anything any readers of my blog wanted to know and I received a few questions. So now to answer them as best I can. From Lauri: I want to know do you write short stories with that snazzy pen? Pens for me are for […]

On Writing and Place – An Interview With Me

A litttle while ago (well, months probably) I agreed to write a short piece on writing and place for Tania Hershman’s excellent blog. I started it many, many times over but couldn’t work out what I wanted to say. I knew what I thought about it, and I thought that that thought was a simple […]

What Would You Like To Know?

So, it’s been a week of writing and of getting up to date with things. I am reasonably pleased with my progress though, as ever, there’s still an awful lot to be done. So not much interesting to report here I’m afraid (aside from mentioning that the writing has been doing with my super new […]

It’s Poetry Time – Interview with the Organiser of National Poetry Day, Jo Bell

October 8th,  for those of you who might not know, is National Poetry Day. Which is a very good thing.  Another good thing is below, an interview with Jo Bell. Jo’s a poet, the organiser of National Poetry Day (October 8th) a runner of workshops and, amongst many other things, a very lovely lady. So, […]

Just a Quick Note, Saying Sorry

Sorry. I’ve let myself get behind with things. So for those of you who are waiting for things from me, I promise you’ll have them soon. *** Incidentally, I think I’ve found a way to be more efficient. It’s this: examine your life. Identify the things in it that you don’t need, don’t like and/or […]

Short Story Advice From a Great

Almost a Perfect Moment

(Pic from here.) I was walking past my bedroom on my way to the office earlier when I heard something tapping at the window. I opened the door and almost had a heart attack when I saw what I took to be an enormous (we’re talking bird sized here) wasp. I thought, for a moment, […]

Quick Read

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve a very short story, Blink, up over at Ink, Sweat and Tears.